Zawód: lalkarz


  • Marek Waszkiel Diretor do Bialostocki Teatr Lalek – Polônia



This study analyses the diff erent modalities of professional development for the puppeteer, highlighting that, while in the past this took place through practice, today this training also takes place in universities which off er academic degrees in the profession. The article points out that currently one of the challenges in the training of puppeteers is to familiarize them with the knowledge produced by old masters and to stimulate them to seek out their own creative path. From this point of view, the article situates the training currently in progress at the Bialystok School in Poland, where the author is a lecturer. 

Keywords: Puppet theatre; professional development; puppeteer.


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Biografia do Autor

Marek Waszkiel, Diretor do Bialostocki Teatr Lalek – Polônia

Doutor em teatro, diretor teatral, pesquisador, professor e chefe do Departamento de Artes da Marionete de Bialystok - Academia de Teatro de Varsóvia — Polônia. Diretor do Bialostocki Teatr Lalek desde 2005. Membro do Comitê Executivo e Presidente da Comissão de Formação  Profissional da UNIMA desde 2000.




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WASZKIEL, M. Zawód: lalkarz. Móin-Móin - Revista de Estudos sobre Teatro de Formas Animadas, Florianópolis, v. 1, n. 06, p. 097-102, 2018. DOI: 10.5965/2595034701062009097. Disponível em: Acesso em: 25 set. 2022.